Anniversary Dinner – Filet and Lobster

20150826_192209Our anniversary was Wednesday and lucky for us it was Rindy and Aarons night to cook. They decided to cook up a special meal for us – Bacon wrapped filet and grilled lobster! What a treat. Aaron did an excellent job and our anniversary ended wonderfully. We are blessed to have such great friends.20150826_191446To grill the steak – wrap in some back and grill for about 6-8 minutes a side. These were pretty thick so took closer to the 8 minutes. Simple seasoning – olive oil, salt and pepper.20150826_191429I have never grilled lobster but Aaron made it look easy. He skewered the tails which keeps them from curling up so you get an even grill. Brush with butter while grilling and cook 4 minutes a side.20150826_191913Look at that platter of food! I am getting hungry again just writing this post. Thanks Rindy and Aaron for making our anniversary so special. Cheers!

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