Avacado Corn Salad


Summertime means farmers market veggies and tasty salads! Last night we had my famous avacado corn  salad. Instead of nuking the corn I decided to grill it first. Grilled just long enough to get a char and some smoke flavor, about 15 minutes.20160627_193323After grilling let the corn cool for a bit before cutting off the cob. 20160627_193623Toss the corn in a bowl and slice up a couple tomatos, an avacado and some fresh basil. Gently mix together and chill. This is a good time to throw some chicken on the grill to complete the meal. Right before serving drizzle with some balsamic vinegar and you are set.20160627_200711Served this with a side salad of fresh greens from the farmers market as well. Summer on a plate. Cheers!

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