Dinner with Friends – Fish Fry!

20150630_194123Last week when Rindy and Aaron were over at our house, Kristen mentioned how she misses fish and chips. Since going gluten free it is hard to find a restaurant that serves up this classic for non wheat eaters. Well Aaron remedied the situation last night! He used rice flour and fried up some delicious cod. Man was this good. He also put together some homemade coleslaw, homemade tartar sauce and french fries, what a treat.20150630_190809Always start with some good fillets. Aaron mixed up a tasty batter to dredge this fish in before heading to the fryer.20150630_192819First roll the fish in the flour then dip in the batter. Let the excess drip off a bit then toss into the fryer. The oil should be at 375 degrees.20150630_192526Aaron has an awesome fryer. Two baskets to keep things rolling along. The fish only need about 4 minutes to cook. Pull out when golden brown.20150630_193721Check out the finished product. This is as good as any Wisconsin Friday night fish fry!20150630_192759It was a beautiful evening outside so we were able to eat outside. Rindy set up the picnic table and now just time to wait for the goodies.20150630_191000A must have with the fish? Chips of course. I think Aaron sliced up 5 pounds of taters. Nobody is going hungry tonight

20150630_193640Five Guys eat your heart out. Check out this basket of fries. A little salt, some ketchup and a side of BBQ for KZ and we were ready to eat. Thanks Aaron for putting this together and filling a craving both Kris and I have had for a long time. Cheers!

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