Smoked Pork Chops

20140630_202632In between all the rain I am finding time to get some grilling in this summer. Here we have some smoked thick cut pork chops along with grilled sweet corn and fresh pea salad.

20140630_190821First find some thick bone in chops. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Now time to add some smoke before cranking up the heat. I set my Traeger on smoke and cooked the chops for 30 minutes. The temp was hovering around 185 degrees. Now turn up the heat to 350 and grill until the internal temp hits 145. Smoking, juicy goodness!20140630_202126Shuck the corn and brush with olive oil before grilling. Toss on the grill next to the chops for the final 10 -12 minutes of cooking time. Be sure to turn the corn after 5 minutes to get an even grill.20140630_202313The pea salad is one of Kristen’s creations. Simple but oh so good. Cook up some bacon and let cool. Add some peas, cheddar cheese to a bowl and toss with some good Mayo. Now add in the bacon, salt and pepper and you are good to go!!

A super easy and tasty summer supper. Enjoy!

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