Bangers and Mash

IMG_20131017_193954_267This past weekend Kris and I took a trip to Phoenix to visit my Grandmother for a day then off to my sister’s River House in the California desert. It was a great trip and while in Phoenix, my cousin Shane, Kris and I stopped for lunch at a brewpub. The beer was excellent and so was the food. I had a plate of sausages with mashed potatoes and peppers. It was so good that last night I recreated the dish at home. I would have to say it turned out as good if not better than the brewpub!

IMG_20131017_193125_947This is a simple dish to put together. Slice up a pile of peppers and onions. Saute them in butter and olive oil to your desired tenderness.IMG_20131017_193130_788Cook up some sausages – we used kielbasa and a asiago chicken sausage. These were fully cooked so just had to heat up in a skillet.IMG_20131017_193805_291Don’t forget the creamy mashed potatoes!! I have been using Yukon gold potatoes lately and think they make the best mashed potatoes! I added cream, butter and some shredded cheddar to these.

IMG_20131017_193942_489Layer it on your plate – potatoes -> sausage -> peppers. Enjoy!!!

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