About Us

20151011_120422We have changed our blog and although we still enjoy Sunday suppers, we are planning to expand that idea and have a more robust and informative blog. This will include cooking and sharing on more days than just Sunday!!  Enjoy.


Who are we?

We are a couple who has been together for  ½ our lives; we grew up in Northwest Iowa, and have been transplanted several times before finding our home in Minnesota.
T is the cook; K is the planner. T often forgets that planning is the basis of great entertaining. Fortunately K keeps him in line with detailed lists and notes.  Thank God for the Blackberry Memo pad!
Sunday Supper is our way of sharing about ourselves, and our love of food, friendship and entertaining. Many Sundays are just the two of us, but occasionally a few guests join. Sunday is casual, plates on the counter, a stack of napkins and mismatched flatware. We are not fussy on Sunday; this night is for casual conversation and to recharge before starting our hectic work lives.
We have a dream of owning a big farmhouse on many acres. The farm would include a huge garden with fresh veggies and beautiful flowers.  We would love to go from a life full of schedules (and planning) to a life unscheduled.  We don’t know where this journey will take us, but we are thrilled that you are along for the ride. We hope you enjoy.

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