Country Style Ribs

20160501_135316I love some smoked ribs! Normally I do baby backs or St. Louis style but I was shopping at HyVee when I came across a big container of country style ribs. They looked so meaty I had to give them a try. This may be my new favorite! Cooked low and slow, these babies turned out tender and full of flavor. You will only need to eat one or two of these to be satisfied! 20160501_094638Just check out all the meat on each rib. While your smoker is heating up, spread out the ribs and season them up.20160501_095053First spread some mustard all over the ribs. Be sure to get all sides. Then add some dry rub. I found a ‘Sweet Heat Spicy Rub’ from Sauce Goddess and it was excellent. A nice bit of heat (red pepper flakes) as well as some sweet. No need for BBQ sauce with these!



Get grill to smoking temp – around 180 degrees.
Place the ribs on the grilll grates and smoke for 1 hour
Turn up the heat to 225 degrees and cook until ribs hit 165 degrees (check the largest one)
This can take another 1-2 hours
Remove from grill and place in a large foil pan
Pour a cup or so of apple cider over the ribs and cover tightly ( I did not have any apple cider so used a pineapple/orange juice mix)
Continue to cook until the internal temp hits 195
Remove from pan, let rest 10 minutes before serving

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