Dinner with Friends – Scallops

20150407_192056What a dinner! Aaron and Rindy stepped it up this week with an awesome dinner of scallops, roasted red potatoes and a delicious corn-tomato-basil salad. Everything was excellent.20150407_190756Scallops are one of my favorites and Aaron cooked them up beautifully. Hot pan + olive oil = golden brown, seared scallops. About 2 minutes a side and they are ready.20150407_191610Loaded up on the platter – tasty!20150407_191559The corn-tomato-basil salad was simple but full of flavor. Aaron cut up the tomatoes, shopped the basil and tossed in a large bowl. He put these in the fridge to chill for a few hours. Next step was to cook the corn in a hot skillet until tender. Add the hot corn to the chilled tomatoes and bam – a tasty salad!

Kris and I need to step up our game for next week. Cheers!

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