Grilled Salmon and Veggies

IMG_20130502_195043_673Being wheat/grain free does not have to be boring, there are plenty of ways to have tasty food that is good for you. Last night we had grilled salmon with a side of grilled veggies. Simple and delicious! jFor the veggies I used a yellow squash, zucchini, tomato, mushrooms and an onion. Take 2 sheets of heavy duty foil and sprinkle with olive oil.IMG_20130502_190053_203Slice up the veggies and pile on the foil. Drizzle more olive oil over the top and season with salt and pepper. I also used Mediterranean seasoning for extra flavor.IMG_20130502_190255_468Seal the foil tightly around the veggies and you are ready to grill. These take about 25 minutes over medium heat (350 degrees on the Traeger).IMG_20130502_190723_701Prepare the salmon fillets. Drizzle with olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Drizzle lemon juice over the fillets and time to grill. Good thing about this meal both the salmon and veggies take about 25 minutes on the grill. IMG_20130502_194823_519Carefully remove the veggies from the foil. There will be a lot of steam so don’t burn yourself! Serve salmon with slices of lemon on the side for drizzling. Enjoy!

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