Happy 2018!!!

Kris and I had our usual New Years Day brunch. This year was really low key, no set times, just show up and grab some food and watch a little football. Black-eyed peas were once again the star of the show. If you are not sure why we always have them on New Years Day well they are supposed to bring you luck and good fortune in the new year!! Not sure if it works, but why chance it??We had a few other goodies as well – roasted shrimp with cocktail sauce.Homemade corn bread – I used Masa (instead of cornmeal) for this and it turned out excellent!! Add a little butter and this was a perfect compliment to the peas. Kris also made a cauliflower, chick pea salad that was awesome. Fresh parsley and a Tahini dressing helped cool off the palate after some peas loaded with hot sauce.And the day would not be complete without a cheese and meat tray!


Happy New Year to everyone!!! Time to get cooking!!


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