Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving has come and gone but it was one of the best. We always celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and this year was our year to host. Our great friends (family) from Kansas came to Minnesota this year and we also had 2 couples from here in the cities join us. It was quite a feast! Unfortunately I did not get pictures of everything but here are a few to give you and idea.

Since I got the new grill I decided to smoke a turkey and a fresh ham. 3 hours of smoking then about 5 hours of roasting and it turned out pretty good for the first time trying this.

When I put these on the grill at 9:00 AM it was 50 degrees. By the time they finished at 5:00 PM it was 30 degrees, snowing and the wind was blowing about 25 MPH. Gotta love Minnesota!

Kris and I made as much as possible the day before, including the mashed potatoes. The taters were cooked then placed in the crock pot to cool. Put them in the frig overnight and then on Thanksgiving just put them on low and heated for about 3 hours.

Kris made a fantastic jello dish. This went in a trifle dish and chilled over night. Ready to serve on the big day.

The morning of I made the dinner rolls using my Grandmother’s recipe. This recipe is also used for Grandmas caramel rolls which are divine.

Kris set a beautiful table and we were ready for the guests. This is one of the few times were ready early and had time to sit around and watch football! We loved it.

With the meat on the grill this freed up the oven so when our guests began arriving we were able to heat all the wonderful dishes they brought. These included -corn bread stuffing, green bean casserole, 7 layer salad, brownies, heaven balls (this will be explained in a future post), pumpkin pudding, homemade lefsa, cannoli cheese cake. A feast fit for a King!!

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