March Madness!!

IMG_20130322_193758_231What a great time of the year! Kris and I love March Madness. It is a lot of fun to watch all the basketball games and cheer for our favorite teams. Some years we go to the local sports bar to watch but last night we stayed home. Of course this means we need to cook up some tasty bar food to enjoy while watching the games. We went with nachos and wings!IMG_20130322_191946_538When making nachos I like to slice the cheese and place a piece on each chip.  The round chunk of Kraft colby is the best for nachos. Not sure why but it melts nicely and has a great flavor.IMG_20130322_192857_833Place the chips on a baking sheet, top with a slice of cheese and bake at 350 degrees until the cheese is melted. I add a slice of jalapeno to mine to kick up the heat. Serve with salsa, olives and whatever else tickles your fancy.IMG_20130322_202915_684Of course the wings were grilled with curry lime sauce, our favorite. You can find the recipe  for these in the appetizer section. Time to kick back and watch some B-Ball. Go Cyclones!!!!

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