Moroccan chicken in chraime sauce with sweet potato mash

I am sure you have all heard about meal delivery services. Well Kris and I decided to give it a try. With work and life being extremely busy we thought it would be a great experiment. I researched a few online and we decided to go with Sun Basket. One of the main reason was the different types of diets they support. Gluten free, Paleo, Vegan just to name a few. (we went with the Paleo option). We got our first basket last week and this was meal number one. The directions said it would take 30-40 minutes and that was spot on.

Fist step is to empty the bag and check all the ingredients. It is pretty awesome to have just the stuff you need. Everything looked fresh and tasty!I read through the instructions a couple times to be sure I had a handle on what is expected. I started chopping things up and was ready to cook.This was really a pretty easy recipe to follow. The sweet potato mash was just a matter of boiling the potatoes and mashing them when soft. The chicken and sauce was straight forward as well. The only thing I found was the sauce did not thicken as much as I would have liked. Next time I will add less water.

Once all the cooking was done it was time to plate up. Add the mashed potatoes to a plate and top with chicken and sauce. This was excellent! An amazing amount of flavor in a short time. So far so good! We are looking forward to the next meal.

Here is a photo from the Sun Basket cook book. Compare to mine above and they came out quite similar:)


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