New Favorite Smoothie – Everything I Avo-wanted

So this past weekend Kris and I were at the Home Depot in Brooklyn Park and as we were walking back to our car we spotted a food truck making smoothies. Since we had not eaten yet that morning, we stopped to check it out. And we are so glad we did! Amanda ( the food truck owner) has the ‘Everything I Avo-wanted smoothie that is awesome! Here is a link to her website¬†i look so good smoothies. Check out the website, it will tell you where to find the truck so you can experience this awesome smoothie.Kris and I recreated this at home with a couple of adjustments. We used almond milk and peanut butter powder instead of the cashew milk and peanut butter. Also we used a different type of protein powder. This is our new go to breakfast, easy to make and keeps you full of energy all morning.Happy Blending!!! Cheers!


Peanut butter powder
Almond milk
Olly Salted Caramel protein powder


Add to blender and blend until smooth:)


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