Prosciutto Wrapped Cod

20160331_194243Time for a nice fish supper. Kris and I both love cod so I was thinking of a new way to cook it. I was looking through the fridge and found some thin sliced prosciutto and thought wrapping the cod sounded like a good idea. Well it turned out great and was really easy. Just salt and pepper the cod, wrap in a couple slices of prosciutto and cook in the skillet for 4-5 minutes per side.20160331_193536To go along with the cod I cooked some bacon until almost crisp then added a few handfuls of mixed greens. Cooked these down until tender and this made a great base to plate the fish on.20160331_193531For the side I just sauteed some fresh green beans in olive oil and supper was served! This is a great meal for any night of the week. Doesn’t take much time. looks and tastes great!


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