1 Chicken , 3 Meals. Meal 1 – Sweet kale salad with roasted chicken

I was wandering around Target trying to decide what to eat tonight. I spotted the organic, whole chickens with a 4 dollar off sign and bingo that was going to be dinner! The chickens were nearing their sell by date so I grabbed one up. No need to worry about the date since I was cooking that bad boy tonight. Plan is to get 3 meals from this one $3.99 bird.First step is to rinse the bird then dry it with some paper towels, the drier the better. Next add your favorite seasonings. Last step for me is to rub the bird all over with butter. This will help you get a nice golden brown skin. Start the Traeger and set to 375 degrees.When the breast reaches 165 degrees the bird is done. Pull it off the grill and let rest. I let it sit for about 20 minutes before carving. For the first meal I had also purchased an organic sweet kale salad kit from readypac foods. Just carve the bird add it to some of the greens and you have a great meal. Meal 2 coming up tomorrow night. Cheers!!

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