1 Chicken, 3 Meals. Meal 2 – Chicken Fajitas

Night 2 of the chicken meals – Fajitas! I love going out for some good fajitas but they are so easy to make might as well do it at home. And, of course, I have the new tortilla press so homemade tortillas are a must. I also make my own seasoning mix, none of the store bought stuff. Makes it easier to control the salt content.The seasoning is very simple to make – chili powder, paprika, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and cumin. Toss in a bowl and mix well. This will go on the onions, peppers and chicken.Saute your onions and peppers in olive oil for about five minutes. Add chicken and seasonings. Mix well and cook until tender. Now just top your tortillas and add whatever fixings you like!The tortillas are so easy to make. Tonight I just made four of them as I think they are much better fresh. No need to make too many just to store in the fridge. Not too bad so far – one $4 dollar chicken and 2 meals made. Meal 3 coming tomorrow. Cheers!!

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