Annual Fishing Trip Time

20150919_113438Well it is time for me to head north for the annual fishing trip at Shell Lake, MN. I thought it would be a good idea to smoke some brisket to bring along for tonight’s meal. With folks traveling some long distances, it is nice to have something already prepared.
I put this bad boy on the Traeger last night at 8:00 PM and 15 hours later – perfection! The butcher at Brothers Meats and Seafood gave me some good advice on some rub – John Henry’s Texas Brisket rub – and he was right. This rub is excellent and gave the brisket a great flavor – I had to sample a couple pieces to be sure!

20150918_181949You always need some sweet treats as well after a long day of fishing. I baked up some gluten free chocolate chips cookies last night also. You cannot even tell I used gluten free flour. I used Pillsbury’s Best GF flour and it is awesome. (sampled a couple of these as well)

20150918_193537I covered the 5 lb brisket liberally with the rub and let it sit for 30 minutes while I got the Traeger ready. For this overnight brisket I cook low and slow – the temp hovered around 165 -175. Once the brisket hits an internal temp of 165 I pull it off the grill and double wrap it tightly in foil with a little beef broth. This will keep the brisket moist during the final 2 hours of smoking. Once the internal temp hits 190 – pull it off the grill, let it rest for 15 minutes then slice it up. 20150919_112856Make sure to sample a few pieces:) Cheers!

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