Grilled Buffalo Wings

2013-01-29_19-12-35_868I love a big pile of wings! Hot sauce, blue cheese, whats not to love? You can make them a bit healthier than the local bar by grilling them instead of fat frying. That is exactly what we did. Simple to prepare yet very tasty!

2013-01-29_16-41-00_908Rinse wings and dry with paper towels. Throw in a large bowl, season with salt, pepper, a little smoked paprika and drizzle with olive oil.

2013-01-29_17-01-39_652Place on a preheated grill. I grill mine for 1 hour at 225 degrees, 45 minutes at 250 and finish for 10 minutes at 325 to get them nice and crispy. That is the great thing about the Traeger grill – you can control them temp with the turn of a knob but still get a great smoky flavor.


When finished, toss in a large bowl add your favorite hot sauce (I use Franks Buffalo Wing Sauce) and enjoy!!


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