Kitchen Island – Done!!

Well we got the island done last night about 8:00 o’clock. Had to make one last run to Menards to get a few screws to finish the knobs. After a good cleaning, the kitchen is back to normal! Kris and I are really happy with the results, We might actually be able to cook again. Here are a few pics, showing the before and after from different angles.

Back before –2013-01-20_11-03-39_979After – 2013-01-27_12-38-10_356Front before – 2013-01-20_11-03-49_863After – 2013-01-27_12-04-05_460Here are some more pics of the finished product – 2013-01-27_12-37-34_1672013-01-27_12-27-01_7342013-01-27_12-05-36_8842013-01-27_12-05-58_6382013-01-27_12-04-37_580

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