2013-02-02_19-13-44_928Kristens parents flew back into town after 2 weeks in Cancun. they spent the night so we decided to make a batch of smoked baby back ribs. Nice thing about doing the ribs I was able to put them on the Traeger and while they were cooking Kris and I headed to the airport to pick them up. It was a nice evening, good food and the Cyclones on TV. With Iowa State winning it made the night even better!

2013-02-02_13-36-50_350For the Ribs – make the dry rub. Here is my rub:

1 T salt
1 T garlic powder
1 T onion powder
1 T chili powder
1 t smoked paprika
2 T brown sugar2013-02-02_13-45-06_794Rub on ribs, cover with plastic wrap and put in fridge for a couple hours. When ready to grill, start your grill and preheat to a temperature of 275 degrees. Total grill time about 4 hours.2013-02-02_17-57-19_743The last hour of cooking will involve wrapping the ribs in foil. Make a mixture of apple juice, melted butter, and brown sugar. Pour the mixture on the foil and top with rack of ribs, meat side down. Wrap tightly and put back on the grill.2013-02-02_17-56-34_709A side of beans is a must when have BBQ ribs. I use Bush’s best baked beans, add a little BBQ sauce and top with 3 strips bacon. Place on the grill, in a cast iron skillet, for the final hour of cooking. 2013-02-02_18-30-22_703While everything was cooking, Kris got us ready to eat with a great set up on the island. Now pull everything off the grill and enjoy!

Ribs –

2013-02-02_19-06-04_609Beans –2013-02-02_19-07-00_313

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