Super Bowl Goodies

2013-02-03_17-09-56_757For the last few years Kris and I have been going to our friends house to watch the Super Bowl. This year was no different and Rindy and Aaron put out a great spread of eats for the big game. Everything was very tasty and I ate too much!! This year they put out a variety of appetizers we could munch on throughout the game. Lets take a closer look.2013-02-03_17-10-10_498Smoked spicy chicken wings. Aaron prepared these on his new smoker and wow they were great! The rub consisted of chili powder, onion salt, garlic powder, salt, pepper and for a spicy kick – crushed red pepper. No need to add sauce to these – they were spicy good.2013-02-03_17-10-03_813Homemade loaded fries. Aaron made the fries then loaded them up with bacon, cheese and jalapenos. I grabbed a pile of these, added a dollop of sour cream and chowed down. You cannot get fries like these eating out! After these and the wings my mouth was officially on fire.2013-02-03_17-10-16_461Stuffed mushrooms. Thank goodness for Rindy. She made a batch of here stuffed mushrooms that helped cool down the fire. The ‘shrooms were stuffed with cream cheese, bacon and poblano peepers. Baked to a creamy goodness. These were very tasty.2013-02-03_17-10-22_249Deviled eggs. Rindy also put together here famous deviled eggs. These were a nice accompaniment to the other apps. Cold and tasty to counteract the other spicy apps.

For dessert Aaron whipped up a batch of grasshoppers (unfortunately I did not get a picture of these). Ice cream drinks are the best and Aaron makes an excellent grasshopper!

It was a great night of food, football and friends. So what could possibly make it better? Well the last couple years I have been running a Super Bowl Square pool and this year Kristen won the 3rd quarter (500 bones) but Rindy was the big winner, hitting her numbers for the 4th quarter and taking home cool 1000 bones!! We are already looking forward to next years big game. Cheers!

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