Shell Lake

IMG_20130924_184234_358It was time for the annual fishing trip to Shell Lake in northern Minnesota. Our families have been going there since we were kids and it is a great place for relaxing and seeing the family. We have folks come in from Colorado, Wyoming, Iowa and Minnesota to join in on the fun. This year we stayed in the big cabin and it was awesome. Thanks Paula for arranging that!IMG_20130925_163701_231Here is Brad with a nice bass. IMG_20130924_183239_856One evening my cousin Brian and I were out and the lake was incredible. The water was like glass and the reflections off the lake were like nothing we had ever seen in our many years at the lake,IMG_20130924_182142_516Here is looks like we are cruising on the pontoon through the clouds!IMG_20130924_161346_771It is hard to tell the water from the sky!

Once again we all had a great time. Every night someone would take over the cooking duties and we had lots of good food (here is a partial list):

  • Coffee rubbed brisket
  • Chili
  • Chicken casserole over fresh biscuits
  • Apple pie pancakes
  • Egg casserole
  • Brian’s Famous Goulash


IMG_20130925_200702_060Of course there is always a friendly competition for the most fish and once again this year Paula was the overall fish leader! Way to go Paula.

Brad – better luck next year:)

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