Simply Steak

IMG_20130329_190132_704It does not get much better than a good steak! I like to keep it simple when grilling my steak. Too many people like to add rubs or spices to a steak. If you get a good cut of meat you do not need any of those things. Simply rub on a little olive oil, salt, pepper and that is it! Don’t even need steak sauce (or God forbid – ketchup) when eating a proper steak.IMG_20130329_182751_515Take the steaks out of the fridge and let rest at room temp for 30 minutes before grilling. Rub some olive oil on both sides, season with salt and pepper and yo are ready to go.IMG_20130329_185539_261Get your grill smoking hot – I cooked these at 450 – 475 for 6 minutes a side. Remove from grill, let rest 5 minutes. I served this with a baked sweet potato on the side – tasty. Enjoy!!

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