Birthday Cookies 2 – Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk

20150215_181135Time for the second batch of birthday cookies. The year starts a little slow, only 1 birthday in January and 1 in February. Gives me plenty of time to get things ready! These go out to Jake, who is not our nephew by blood but by friendship. We have known Jake and his parents for over 20 years and they are some of our favorite people.

20150215_171916I strayed a bit from my standard chocolate chip cookie and went with a chocolate chunk cookie with a touch of sea salt. They turned out great. When making cookies for others I use wheat flour so being gluten free, Kris and I cannot sample them. We have to rely on friends to taste and give a thumbs up or down. Fortunately these got a thumbs up!20150215_172916It smells so good when whipping up a batch of cookies. The butter and sugar mixing together. along with the chocolate just makes me hungry. Theses cookies are similar to my standard cookies – both use sugar, brown sugar, butter and vanilla. The main difference are the chocolate chunks and the sea salt.20150215_174511Once you get everything mixed up, drop the dough on parchment lined cookie sheets. Top with some big flakes of good sea salt then bake as normal. We got this sea salt from on of Kris’s friends who just returned from Bonaire so it was special salt.20150215_181130We got the cookies shipped on time and they arrived on Jake’s birthday. I had a lot of fun making these and there are many more birthdays to come……Cheers!


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