Kitchen Island Project

2013-01-20_11-03-39_979Kris and I have started a new project. Tired of how the kitchen island was looking, we decided it was time for an update. We started on Sunday (with the help of our friends Rindy and Aaron) and hope to be done by this Saturday. A good time to start an indoor project here in Minnesota with the temp outside below zero! The pic above is the before look. I will continue to post as we progress.

Here is a look at the front before:2013-01-20_11-03-49_863

The side:2013-01-20_11-04-00_387Monday was a busy night for Kris and me. Kris has started sanding and painting the drawers. I started on the trim. Here are a few pics of how it is shaping up.

First piece of trim cut and ready to install2013-01-21_19-53-47_961

Base trim installed
2013-01-21_20-06-16_556Accent trim starting to take shape. We got the one side done and called it good for the night.2013-01-21_21-00-11_845Added a small piece of baseboard to the front side as well.2013-01-21_21-00-21_762Stay tuned for more pics!

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